Butterfly Ray Necklace


This necklace resembles the butterfly rays (Gymnura crebripunctata) that forage in Punta Descartes. It is made of 925 Sterling Silver and Larimar or ‘Stefilia’s Stone’.

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This butterfly ray necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver and Larimar. The design resembles the butterfly rays found in el Jobo, Costa Rica when Equipo Tora Carey does its weekly ray monitoring, which you can support with this purchase!

The butterfly ray (Gymnura crebripunctata) is a poorly known ray species, which dwells on the ocean floor (called benthonic). Other than most benthonic rays, it doesn’t have a sting and therefore doesn’t represent any danger to bathers.

It derives its name from its shape and movement because when swimming it resembles a graciously flying butterfly. In Punta Descartes, most of the identified butterfly rays are females (as is this necklace), hence raising questions about the whereabouts of the males.

The IUCN still does not have enough information about its conservation status, so raising the number of studies about them is essential to understand if they need protection. To learn more about the butterfly ray, click here.

With the purchase of this butterfly ray necklace, you can directly contribute to the continuous monitoring of our local ray populations and become part of the discovery of new information on this species and other alike.

If you ever want to visit the site and learn more about the project, make sure to contact us or Equipo Tora Carey and schedule your visit, where you can help with the ray monitoring project, or sea turtle monitoring as well, and overall, help us protect what we love!

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