Spotted Dolphin Ring


This ring resembles the spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) that swim around Costa Rica’s shoreline. It is made of 925 Sterling Silver.

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This spotted dolphin ring is made of 925 Sterling Silver to support the conservation of the spotted dolphins that swim around Costa Rica’s shoreline.

The Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (Stenella attenuata) is the second most common dolphin species worldwide, distributed in all tropical to temperate waters, with the majority found in the Eastern Pacific. There are coastal and offshore populations, which are distinguished by the intensity of their color patterns, being the coastal form more spotted and also larger in size. In Punta Descartes, Spotted Dolphins often accompany our monitoring boats when crossing Santa Elena Bay and are sometimes joined by Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncates).

Spotted dolphins are often observed traveling with yellow tuna swarms, nonetheless, they don’t feed on tuna but rather on small fish and squids. With the rising of the industrial fishing industry, Spotted Dolphins became threatened by extinction when Millions of individuals were killed in tuna pursuing nets that surround large swarms to process thousands of tonnes directly on the factory ships, and with them, everything that accompanies the tuna, such as sharks and dolphins.

With the implementation of “Dolphin-friendly” capture methods, which chase or net the dolphins to separate them from the tuna, Eastern Pacific populations have recovered, but are not entirely excluded from incidental fisheries. Be aware that most “Dolphin-safe” labels on tuna cans refer to reduced dolphin mortality, not to the elimination of dolphin deaths.

By purchasing this spotted dolphin ring, you can choose to support any of Equipo Tora Carey’s conservation projects, and as we grow, hopefully, the introduction of new projects on other key species, including the spotted dolphin. Also, if you ever want to visit the site and learn more about the projects, make sure to contact us or Equipo Tora Carey and schedule your visit!

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