Apex Crocodile Necklace


This 925 Sterling Silver necklace resembles the American Crocodile (Cocodylus acutus) found on Costa Rica’s rivers and estuaries.

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This crocodile necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver.

The American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) is the most common crocodile species in the Americas, and in Costa Rica is often found in rivers and estuaries along the Pacific coast. The Tarcoles River, Costa Ricas most contaminated river, hosts a large population with adults of impressive sizes of up to 5m in length, many of which are concentrated under the famous Tarcoles Bridge, attracting Hundreds of tourists per day.

There is currently no evidence of an increase in the local Crocodile population, but the continuous spreading of human developments towards estuaries and rivers has created important human-animal conflicts, especially in the Surfing and Hotel Industry. Females protecting their nests, which they deposit along the sandy borders and river mouths are highly territorial and defend their young from anything that comes close, which in very rare cases, include humans.

In Costa Rica, approximately one attack is reported per year, which has outbursts some local movements alleging the government to “manage” their crocodile populations. Managed or not, it is important to understand that we humans are intruding the territory of a species that has been living here for millions of years.

Furthermore, in most areas of Costa Rica and the world, where coastal development is still moderate, fishermen have been sharing crocodile habitats for many years, without any incidence. With the purchase of this necklace, you are directly contributing to the establishment of a crocodile monitoring project in Punta Descartes, where few individuals live in the estuaries of Rajada and El Jobo beach.

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