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This pendant is made of 925 Sterling Silver and comes with a 925 Sterling Silver Chain. Its design resembles a Cortez Chub (Kyphosus elegans) found in the Eastern Pacific reefs from Mexico to the Galapagos Islands.

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This chub fish necklace is made of 925 Sterling Silver. Its design resembles a Cortez Chub (Kyphosus elegans) with the objective to serve as a reminder of what it means to love the ocean and all its creatures, big, small, beautiful, average, or just different, and how we must support the protection of them all, as they are all being impacted, not only the very-charismatic ones.

The Cortez Chub is commonly found around rocky and coral reefs along the Eastern Pacific coast, from the Sea of Cortez in Mexico all the way to the Galapagos Islands.

They can measure up to 53 cm and have a lot of meat, which is why they are sometimes used in “Ceviche” – a local Costa Rican dish, although they are not generally targeted in the artisanal fishery.

There is yet very little information on the natural history of this species available, but dominant males appear to be able to adopt a “golden phase” when they switch from their generally grey spotted coloration to a vibrant bright white-yellow color as a strategy of courtship to win female attention.

By purchasing this chub fish necklace, you can choose to support any of Equipo Tora Carey’s conservation projects, and as we grow, hopefully, the introduction of new projects on other key species, including the protection of the Cortez Chub fish environment. Also, if you ever want to visit the site and learn more about the projects, make sure to contact us or Equipo Tora Carey and schedule your visit!

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