Are you a student deciding whether or not you want to become a biologist? Are you a biologist searching for a place to develop your graduation project? Are you a starter at biology classes and what to start gaining fieldwork experience? Are you a sea turtle-ray-bird or nature lover? Are you looking to volunteer and have a cultural exchange in Costa Rica?

If any of those questions are a yes for you, then you should consider visiting us at El Jobo, in Guanacaste Costa Rica. Why? We expose you to hands-on experience in research with marine animals. We need you to help us gather data to understand how our ecosystems work, to help us develop our community sustainably, and to bring culture, language, and happiness to our place; and in return, we will give you a one-of-a-kind experience with the closest encounters with marine life you could ever imagine, the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Costa Rica, the gaining of scientific experience, and definitely, we will help you learn some Spanish, if applicable, and have a high cultural exchange.

We also offer the opportunity for students looking for a place to perform their graduation projects or thesis on marine conservation. Although we cannot offer scholarships at the time, we provide ideas, guidance, tools, research assistants and any others support that might be needed. Students from all over the world have visited our project and developed university projects on social and biological areas, helping us understand better the needs of the community and of our environment. Feel free to reach out to us and inquire further and get in contact with some of them!

Interested in us helping each other? Want to volunteer in Costa Rica? Contact us at Salinas Bay Research Center or visit Equipo Tora Carey’s webpage for more information: