Did you know there is a new tendency to buy sustainable products made from prolonged life-cycle materials or with “bio-friendly” materials? Did you know there are also products that are not made with recycled or eco-friendly materials but created to support environmental conservation or social movements? Well, what if you can find a product that is not only all eco-friendly (made with recycled materials), but it also supports social and environmental causes and, most of all, is beautiful to wear?

Here at Bahia Salinas Research Center we team up with a lot of different people from around

the country to design some of the most beautiful products under the “shop for conservation” model. Sustainable designers, local artisans, kids and visitors helped us obtain great products to support the work done by Equipo Tora Carey, to create new job opportunities in Punta Descartes, to create new monitoring and conservation projects, and to help clean our oceans.

We are very excited to start selling our products online and to the world, this way, we give everyone the opportunity to help and join us. Besides this, we hope, if our sales allow it, to expand our reach to help other projects under the same model as our: Marine monitoring projects to be carried out by local communities.