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  • For World Oceans Day 2021, we collaborated with NOMELLAMO to bring to you this beautiful plush of a Mobula munkiana ray.
    Did you know that rays are one of the most threatened marine species in the world?
    With the purchase of this Mobula ray, you help keep the salaries of the local community members that help monitor these organisms and directly support the long-term conservation to make sure that at least in El Jobo, these species will continue to be protected forever!
    Note: Colors/fabric design of the plush might change.
  • Out of stock
    This bracelet is handmade in Costa Rica by local women artisans of the El Jobo fishing community with the hope to promote the love they feel for the ocean with everybody who wears it. It has a 925 Sterling Silver Devil Ray in the front and a Stainless Steel BSRC logo on the back. It is made with a silk cord and is carefully tied together with parachute knots that resemble the Costa Rican flag. It is size adjustable and comes in several colors for you to choose from!


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