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This ring is made of white-gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. It represents the corals of the genus Pocillopora, one of the surviving coral species of the Central Eastern Pacific Ocean.

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This ring is made of white gold plated 925 Sterling Silver. Its design resembles a Pocillopora coral.

The most extensive and developed coral formations in the Gulf of Santa Elena, where Punta Descartes is located, are found in sheltered bays, growing on shallow sand and rock bottoms, and are mainly composed of several species of the genus Pocillopora.

Not long ago, this genus was considered the main coral reef forming group of the Costa Rican Pacific coast, especially because they tend to shape monocoral reefs; but, because of several red tides that have critically affected the coast in the recent years, almost all the coral formations of our Pacific coast have decimated drastically, including the Pocillopora coral reefs.

According to coral specialists, Pocillopora species have a good ability to expand their coverage through sexual reproduction strategies and asexual (fragmentation), so, if environmental regulations are established, and mitigation of stress factors are introduced, it is very likely that the recovery of these species can be potentialized.

That said, by purchasing this pocillopora coral ring, you can choose to support any of Equipo Tora Carey’s conservation projects, and as we grow, hopefully, the introduction of new projects on other key species, including corals. Also, if you ever want to visit the site and learn more about the projects and these corals, make sure to contact us or Equipo Tora Carey and schedule your visit!

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